How I found out..abescrow scammed me? Part 2

Here is their email:




They say…

  • my btc was moved on the 18th of November to the Hotwallet,

  • they lost 113 BTC from a hacker

They lied….They lied !!!!

 Here is the link of the wallet they provided me on abescrow…. (link 1)

Here is the transactions of the abescrow wallet during the time of “hacking” that did not occur! (link 2)


 Link 1 shows they moved my BTC to their  wallet on October 24,  mere 2 hours after I deposited it to my wallet on their site.

Link 2 shows no hacking occurred on their wallet on November 18! or any date thereafter and no 113 BTC missing!


More post tomorrow, where they live in Hongkong, and other personal info.  I will budget  50$ to have this widely publicized in HK…


How the bitcoin scam by Abescrow started..

Part 2

In  October 24, 2013, I decided to buy a phone online using my Bitcoins…the seller suggested that I use a scrow service so that both of us are somehow “protected”. Using search…I found… I registered on the site…and they provided me a wallet that was suppose to be used for the transaction…

So, from my wallet with Multibit:


I made the deposit of 2.002

Below…is the blockchain record:


 After the deposit was made I did not hear from seller for days…so I emailed abescrow that I have decided to cancel the transaction as the seller cannot be contacted….
Below are my email exchanges with abescrow:

How scammed my bitcoins in November 2013

Part 1

Why only now? When the scam happened in November of 2013?

Everything that I owned got washed away by Typhoon Haiyan in November 8, 2013. I am from Tacloban City. It was only last week (July 7, 2014) that I was able to buy a second hand desktop computer and able to get an internet connection – I did an investigation, and here’s what I found out…you be the judge dear readers and friends._71084498_71084497


Some Facts About Haiyan: